Why Buy Local

When it comes time to make a purchase, many consumers have grown accustom to a one-stop-shopping experience at a big box store. Unfortunately, this pumps money into large corporations and takes away from small mom and pop businesses. Unique options are often available in local storefronts. Here are some benefits behind shopping local instead:

Looking at the numbers, $100 spent locally allows for $73 to stay in the community and only $27 to leave. When $100 is spent on a chain or non-locally owned business, $43 remains in the community and $57 leaves. When money stays local it can increase the community worth. Local business owners tend to shop locally as well. This means this money spent will continue to circulate. The sales tax spent locally goes into services like police departments or parks and recreation.


When you buy local, the product you purchase likely didn’t have to travel very far. By cutting down on transportation, we reduce the pollution emitted from planes, trains, and trucks. When it comes to food items, the product purchased locally will be fresher than one that requires shipping. Fruits and vegetables must be harvested before they are fully ripe to ensure that they don’t spoil in transport. A piece of produce that can ripen naturally will have significantly more flavor than one that is harvested early.


Shopping local allows for community member to build relationships. Building relationships with local business owners can increase business to business buying. For example, if you’re a farmer who frequents a local restaurant, the restaurant owner may ask you for local produce prices.


Local businesses are often family-owned, however, when help is needed they turn to other locals businesses. Many local businesses give back to their community by sponsoring local events, little league teams, and more.  By shopping local, you can help create more jobs for local people in the community and are helping give back.
Crawford’s Home Furnishings is family-owned business that has been serving the community since 1972. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service for our customers in Canton and Elmwood, IL! For more information, please visit our website or call 309-647-3283.

Make Your House a Home with Crawford’s Home Furnishings

Crawford’s Home Furnishings has called Canton, Illinois home since the 1970’s. Founder Dean Crawford began in the flooring business. With the help of his son, Dennis, the Crawford’s expanded their business into a retail storefront. In 2013, Aaron and Veanna Thum purchased Crawford’s Home Furnishings with the promise to continue providing the same quality products and outstanding customer service as always. Today, Crawford’s has expanded beyond just flooring and now offers other home décor products such as paint, furniture, and countertops. We are very proud of the top quality products we carry. Take a look at a few of our favorites!


Flooring favorites: From the kitchen to your bedroom, flooring is essential to the functionality and aesthetics of a home. At Crawford’s Home Furnishings, we carry quality carpeting, hardwoods, laminates, tiles and vinyl from a variety of brands. Just some of the companies we partner with include Mohawk, Bruce Hardwood Floors, Shaw Floors, Earthwerks, Somerset and many more. Let Crawford’s provide you with a reasonable price AND installation from our professional crew.


Fantastic furniture:Crawford’s Home Furnishings knows that furniture is much more than just a place to sit. This is why we offer such a large variety for customers to choose from. We carry all of the top furniture manufactures among our selections so our sofas, loveseats, recliners, and chairs are second to none!


Perfect paints:Choosing the perfect paint can be a difficult task. Luckily, Crawford’s Home Furnishings offers a large selection from the best brands in the industry. Benjamin Moore paint only selects certain retailers to sell their quality paint products. Crawford’s is one of these lucky locations! Since 1883 Benjamin Moore has been setting a standard of excellence for all their quality paints and stains. Available in a wide variety of colors, Crawford’s carries half pint samples to help customers pick the perfect shade every time.


Charming countertops:Cambria Countertops is the only family-owned, American-made producer of quartz. Pairing Cambria’s attention to detail with Crawford’s customer service, it’s finally possible to get the countertop you’ve been dreaming of.


With a wide variety of styles, a beautiful gallery of samples, and our outstanding customer service, Crawford’s has become a destination for homeowners, decorators and designers alike. They offer in-house specialists who have expertise in home design, window treatments, painting, and flooring installation. Crawford’s is located at 17 South 1st Avenue right here in Canton, Illinois. To find out more, visit their website, or call (309) 647-3288.